iWorker Code of Ethics

As a signatory of the iWorker Code of Ethics, I join over 500 other iWorker professionals in affirming and pledging the following: 

  • To be honest, both in my communications with iWorker and with my clients
  • To be accurate in my logging of hours, thereby respecting and acknowledging the trust that iWorker and my clients are placing in me
  • To be a great communicator, being sure to be in frequent communication with my clients to keep them up to date on my work and to ask for regular feedback, and responding promptly to messages from iWorker and actively letting them know about any issues affecting my work with clients 
  • To be punctual, not missing or showing up late for meetings with clients or with my Team Manager
  • To take radical self-ownership of my work, taking full responsibility for mistakes, working hard to meet deadlines and produce high quality work, and communicating honestly and promptly with my client (and with my Team Manager as necessary) when challenges arise

Because I take pride in my work and am a person of personal integrity, I will uphold this Code of Ethics. 

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