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Want to make affiliate money and help create a better world?

For each new customer you send our way, iWorker will pay you $100 USD or give you 15 free hours with a virtual assistant.*

You’ll also be helping to create dignified, well-paying jobs for professionals in economically impoverished countries. Sound like a win-win? It is. iWorker also has the most lucrative affiliate deal of any comparable company.

Earn $1000+/month.


The market for virtual assistants is enormous.

So who can you market iWorker to?

Well, just about any entrepreneur or business owner who might be looking to scale up their business, decrease their busywork, or better organize their life by having a remote worker (or two) by their side.

Earn $100 per client referral.

How it works.


Signing up to our affiliate program is quick and easy.  Just fill out the contact information below and create a username and password.

You’ll then be given a unique affiliate link (e.g. something like  When you promote that link (on your blog, on Facebook, on your website, etc.), every person who clicks it to check out will be assigned a cookie that is automatically associated with your affiliate account.

Then if that person becomes a customer,* we’ll pay you $100 USD (monthly – via Paypal) or give you 15 hours free with a virtual assistant. It’s simple, really.


*In the context of our Affiliate Program, a “customer” is someone who pays for $150 or more worth of hours.  But don’t worry.  This is the majority of people who sign up with us.

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