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The crisis in Venezuela.

With 94% of its population in poverty, and nearly 80% in extreme poverty, Venezuela is in crisis. The local currency, the bolívar, is nearly worthless, eaten alive by inflation. More than half of the population goes hungry. Crime rates and homicide rates are some of the highest in the world.

As a result, some 20% of the Venezuelan population has fled, many with little more than a backpack and the shoes on their feet.

In neighboring countries like Colombia, many Venezuelans cross on foot with barely a plan, walking along the highways towards any major city, desperate for a job and a decent life.

Dignified jobs for talented people.

Co-founded by a Venezuelan immigrant and a North American living in Latin America, iWorker was built as a social enterprise with a social focus: to generate stable, well-paid work for people in countries in crisis, with a focus on Venezuela. 

iWorker recruits English-speaking professionals from places like Venezuela and then trains and guides them in how to succeed in working online. In turn, iWorker looks for small businesses in the US, Europe, and Canada who are looking to expand their team but who would otherwise have been unable to afford hiring someone locally.

A focus on women.

There are a lot of talented people in the countries we hire from, both men and women. But in places like Venezuela and other parts of Latin America, women have an even harder time than men do getting a good job.

Whatever the exact cause, it’s a reality and it makes no sense.

We aggressively search out smart, ambitious, and talented women in our recruitment efforts as a way of doing something about this gender gap, and about 65% of our current workforce is female.

97% of our workers stay with us for long term

Stable income that supports families.

On average, our full-time workers earn between $800-$2,000/month, well beyond what most earn in their local economies. The majority also support several members of their family with the income they receive, making their work a key source of income for not just them but often for their parents and siblings as well.

To date, iWorker’s team has generated over 5 million dollars in income for themselves and their families.

As a result, over 97% of workers have decided to stay with us for the long-term, an indication of the value that a stable iWorker job has brought to their lives.

At A glance

70% Venezuelan

While we’ve expanded out to include other countries, 70% of our workforce is Venezuelan.

97% retention

The rate at which our workers stay with us for the long-term, with many also recommending friends.

65% women

Empowering women is a core value of ours, with the majority of our team being female.

2.1 family members

The average number of family members supported by a single worker’s income.


That’s the amount that iWorker’s team has generated in income for themselves and their families.

4.9 stars

The average rating on Indeed and Glassdoor that workers give their iWorker experience. 

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