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iWorker was founded to do something about the crisis in Venezuela. 

With over 6 million refugees having left the country, Venezuela has become infamous for the suffering of its citizens: food lines, endemic rates of hunger and poverty, and an inflation rate sometimes touching a million percent annually that has wiped out most people’s savings. 

Created by a North American and a Venezuelan, iWorker was built as a social enterprise with the goal of providing stable, dignified online work for talented Venezuelans so that they can earn in US dollars and thereby improve their lives and those of their family. The hourly rate the workers receive is significantly higher than in their local economies, and most use a portion of their income to support members of their families as well.

As of 2022, iWorker provides ongoing work to over 500 Venezuelans, and has since expanded out to include the hiring of remote workers from other countries in crisis, such as Argentina and Nicaragua. 

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