Our Story

With a baby on the way, Enrique knew he couldn’t stay in Venezuela. Baby formula was scarce, food lines endemic, and Enrique knew that the medicine he’d buy for his newborn child could easily be fake.

Venezuela was no place to raise a little girl.

Several years prior, Enrique had responded to a job advertisement for online work from Jeb, an American living in Argentina. At the time, Enrique was a head manager at a luxury hotel, but making just $30 USD/month.

Jeb and Enrique soon became close friends, and when Enrique moved to Argentina with his pregnant wife, the pair founded iWorker as a social enterprise. Its goal: to provide stable, dignified online work for talented Venezuelans so they can earn in US dollars and thereby improve their lives and those of their families.

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Good work for talented people from countries in crisis.

Earning in USD is a game-changer if your local currency, like the Venezuelan bolívar, is being destroyed by inflation. Plus, the wages earned (between $800-$2,000/monthly) are significantly higher than what’s paid locally. As a result, most of our workers are able to use a portion of their income to support members of their families.

As of 2022, iWorker provides ongoing work to over 500 Venezuelans, and has since expanded out to include the hiring of remote workers from other countries in crisis, such as Argentina, Nicaragua, and a number of countries in Africa.

Rated one of the best virtual assistant agencies in the world.

Our Team

(Plus many more wonderful people from other countries.)

Enrique Y.


Michelle R.


Carlos M.


Maru S.


Alejandro Q.


Jesus I.


Jeb K.


Daniela Q.


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